We at Ahréns Åkeri AB are actively working to improve our working environment and can present a Verified Climate Work since 2011, below you can find the three latest reports.
In our verified climate work, our figures are based mainly on fuel consumption, electricity consumption, oil consumption for some heating and also staff commuting trips to and from work as well as our missions.
Our environmental work has been ongoing since autumn 2006 when we started work to change the propellant in all our vehicles from diesel oil to 100 RME (rapeseed oil). A job that we unfortunately completed in 2011 when there was too much trouble with our engines that we could not quite find explanations for.

We are investing in a newer fleet of vehicles and some of our cars are also equipped with the additional “Ecocruise” feature to allow the car to go as fuel efficiently as possible in order to reduce emissions. ́Fleet consists mainly of Euro 5 and Euro 6 cars, and where some are also equipped with the “I-see” feature that saves additional fuel.

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